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The VOTE Teacher Series
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The VOTE Teacher Series inspires educators with stimulating new ideas to bring back to the classroom. Help students understand what all the debates are about in the news, on social media, and in politics. Why do we disagree? What do radicals, conservatives, and liberals have to offer as solutions to our country’s problems? What innovative new solutions can we find if we stop shouting one another down and shutting one another out, and really start to hear and understand competing ideas?

Teachers have the most important job in our country, educating the next generation of problem-solvers and critical thinkers. But in our complex world, we not only need to help students become informed and knowledgeable, we need to help them learn to be open-minded and engaged with finding solutions to our nation’s most pressing economic problems. But in an age of partisan bickering, this seems harder and harder to accomplish. That’s why we need Voices On The Economy (VOTE).

The VOTE Mission is to inspire solutions to our nation’s urgent economic problems by building a culture of respectful listening, passionate advocacy, and intelligent debate.  Our philosophy is that students should learn multiple perspectives — conservative, liberal, and radical — in a fair, unbiased, accurate way so they can make up their own minds about what they believe. In the VOTE Teacher Series, we train educators to help students learn how to hear other points of view with an open mind and practice civil discourse. In the process, students find their own voices on the issues.

How the Teacher Series Works:

The VOTE Teacher Series is a free, two-year, rolling-admission certification program appropriate for middle school through university educators in all subject areas. No previous knowledge of economics is required! The program is relevant for all disciplines: social and behavioral sciences, arts and humanities, language arts, STEM, business, and more.

Consisting of nine day-long issues workshops plus a three-day fundamentals conference, the VOTE Teacher Series covers the thirteen VOTE Program issues within a two-year time frame. Graduates of the training receive certification to teach the VOTE Program. The workshops and conference cover background on the great economic thinkers of the past, and then trace how their ideas inform today’s debates about Agriculture, Product Safety, Livelihood, Housing, Income Distribution, Market Power, the Environment, Health Care, International Trade, Retirement Security, Economic Stability, the Federal Budget, and Immigration.

Educators come away with: 

  • Exciting lesson plans and innovative activities for the classroom

  • Inspiring pedagogy to bring the material alive for students

  • Free materials, including VOTE gifts

  • Free continental breakfasts and lunches

  • Some travel reimbursements are available

Taught by Amy S. Cramer, Ph.D., professor of economics at Pima Community College as well as founder and president of Voices On The Economy, Inc.

Upcoming VOTE Teacher Series Workshops

  • Economic Stability: Saturday, April 13, 2019

  • Immigration: Saturday, June 22, 2019

The VOTE Program Teachers Series is co-sponsored by the Thomas R. Brown Foundations and Pima Community College.

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What participants have to say about the VOTE Teacher Series:

Amy’s energy, enthusiasm, knowledge, and creativity are the best I have witnessed during my 40 years in education. She brings economics and voting decisions to a level that anyone can understanding. AWESOME!
VOTE gave me more tools for my toolbox and more ways to speak to my students’ individuality.
Engaging, informative, and enlightening!
Fresh teaching ideas!
This program is the best thing in economics that I have experienced in my years of teaching. People do not understand the different perspectives so there is no rational discussion about issues. VOTE should be mandatory for all.